Winds of Change



In March of this year, I sensed the winds of change blowing. In April, God confirmed what I was sensing. My vision for my businesses, Kairos Coaching, LLC, and Soul Graffiti Art Studio, was changing, as was the world around me. My family is changing. Both of my kids are growing older and are very active. Most of their activities take place in the afternoons and weekends. As a mama and entrepreneur, I have always said that I will put the needs of my children and family above any professional endeavor.

At the same time, I sensed the Lord calling me to build a space…a new and expanded studio space in, of all places, my backyard. I talked to my dad in late April. He is going to help us build and design it. He was thrilled! We have always enjoyed working/building together, ever since we remodeled our home as a family with my mom and sister. Then, I got the dreaded phone call from my dad on May 13th , telling me he has cancer. He is adamant and so am I that we will build anyway!

Therefore, as of September 30th, Soul Graffiti Art Studio will be moving. We will no longer be on Main Street in downtown Clayton. My vision, has morphed into my life calling:

“I help people see differently by encouraging them to shift perspective and reframe the world around them.”

My vision starts with me and God, and as a result, my whole world has been reframed. Turning 40 may have had a little to do with it, but I believe it’s deeper than that. When I stepped out in faith and opened Soul Graffiti Art Studio, the old Lizzie morphed into someone new. I have never done anything so wild and uninhibited in all my life. I don’t have the words to accurately depict the transformation. You can’t go back to the safety of the boat when the King of Kings calls you to walk on water.

I will be expanding my online presence, creating commisioned paintings, and teaching limited private lessons. I will no longer have classes or host parties at my private studio space. But, I will be painting, and to be honest, it is painting I have missed the most. I will also be writing a book about how to awaken the wonder in our lives. As I have been advised by people who care about me and my future, I have been encouraged to write and share with a broader audience the things I have learned as an artist and Professional Life Coach. The bigger and more distant plans will be to travel and speak all over the world sharing this life changing message. I’ve lived it and I know the power of seeing differently.

I will also be transporting my children to various events and practices, and possibly traditional school in the distant future. I want to be all in for the people who matter most to me. That also includes my husband and my family, especially my dad during his treatment for cancer. This decision has been clear from the beginning. I knew before I knew, and I know without any doubt that God is on the move, once again. I’m grateful He still speaks. I pray I continue to listen. The time I will get to spend with my dad is a gift.

Thank you for your support of Soul Graffiti Art Studio over the past 3 years. We opened on Main Street October 1st, 2013 and will move back home, September 30th, 2016, 3 years exactly. Everything at my current studio on Main Street will continue as normal until late September. I know God isn’t finished with Soul Graffiti. I’ve never had to worry about paying rent. Every camp this summer, but one, was sold out. Private lessons are full. But, GOD!!!! I’ve said to many of you, “when God tells me to move, or close the door, I will say with tremendous gratitude, thank you, Lord. What a thrilling adventure!” He isn’t closing the door, He’s opening a window and the view is spectacular. 

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  1. Lisa Elliott says:

    So proud of you!

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