What is Coaching?

The Coaching Alliance

Coaching is for individuals who are searching for balance and harmony, who feel stuck, who desire growth and accountability, who are experiencing transitions, who have become tired of the same old habits, and who desire and embrace change.

The coaching relationship is a powerful alliance between the coach and the client where the client sets the agenda and learns through action. Coaching is forward moving and the coach assists the client in creating a vision for the future. Coaching focuses on the client’s whole life. The coach asks curious questions and the client through a process of self-discovery, discovers the answers.

Coaching is not counseling, therapy, consulting, mentoring, or a form of discipleship. The coach is not the expert and the client is healthy, creative, and resourceful. The client is the expert on the client’s life.

In our coaching relationship, we will focus on your deepest desires and dreams with the purpose of bridging the gap between your current reality and your truly desired life so that you are living on purpose and in harmony with God’s dreams for you. If you want to uncover your brilliance and live the life God meant for you to live, full and abundant, then coaching is for you!

What does Kairos mean?

Kairos means a point of time or period of time (Romans 13:10-11), frequently with the implication of being especially fit for something and without emphasis on precise chronology. It means a moment or period as especially appropriate the right, proper, favorable time.

Kairos speaks of a limited period of time, with the added notion of suitableness (“the suitable time”, “the right moment”, “the convenient time”). Kairos refers to a distinct, fixed time period, rather than occasional moments.

Kairos is not so much a succession of minutes but a period of opportunity. Chronos refers to chronological time, to clock time or calendar time, to a general space or succession of time. Kairos, on the other hand, refers to a specific and often predetermined period or moment of time and so views time in terms of events, eras, or seasons. In other words, kairos defines the best time to do something, the moment when circumstances are most suitable, the psychologically “ripe” moment.

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