Guest Post: Callie Branch, age 8

I am so excited about my guest poster today. She is my very own 8 year old daughter, Callie!


We recently read “The Secrets of Mrs. Snickle’s Class”:

Both of my students loved it! It gave us an opportunity to discuss secrets, confidentiality, and things we talk about in private. Both of my kids know that we don’t normally keep secrets, but we can keep things private. There is a big difference in our family!

As part of Callie’s assignment, she had to write a book report. She asked me if she could write a blog post instead. Why, of course! Here are a few thoughts from Callie about secrets:



Secrets are everywhere.
You do not know if your brother has one.

Secrets are very fragile.
You can kill a secret if you tell someone what it is.

Do you have a secret?
Wait! Don’t tell!

Don’t tell anyone but me!
Wait! No, no! I am joking.

I have a secret, but I’m not telling anyone!


So proud of Callie’s poem. She loves to express herself using words and all sorts of crafty goodness. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree!


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  1. Venon Ferard says:

    Wow Callie, this is an awesome poem! I’ve never read this book, but I would love to some day. I’m so proud of you and Sean.

  2. Sandra O'Berry says:

    Callie, I love your poem and think it is a wonderful way to do a book report! I taught a lot of children and adults how to write over the last twenty or so years, so I know the difference between GOOD writing and really BAD writing. Your writing is GOOD! Keep it up.

  3. betsy williams says:

    Callie has a secret,
    One she cannot share…

    Should we really ask her,
    Do you suppose we dare…

    Callie has a secret,
    One she keeps inside…

    Should we really ask her,
    Do you suppose she’ll hide…

    Callie has a secret,
    One she treasures dear,

    Should we really ask her,
    Don’t you really think it’s very clear…

    I know Callie’s secret,
    It shows upon her face…

    We should really tell her,
    She’s full of God’s sweet grace…

    Love you Callie girl….

    • Love my Callie girl! And she won’t tell me either! I shared your poem with her and she smiled from ear to ear. She is full of God’s grace for sure. Love her so.
      Thank you sweet Betsy.

  4. Nice job, Callie! Love the line, “don’t tell anyone, but me”! 🙂

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