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It has been a long weekend, but one full of amazing things. Not luck. Not coincidences. Not happenstances. But, favor. Grace. Mercy. I am learning that even in the midst of hard and painful times, God is present. Maybe even more so…




My mom fell and broke her hip last Thursday night while trying to prevent a patient from falling. She had surgery Friday afternoon. Upon release on Monday, she has been staying with us. Nurse turned into the patient and we get the privilege of helping her back to her former strength and vigor.

This afternoon, I was driving to the drugstore to pick up her medicine and out of the blue, I sensed the Spirit say to me, “Go to Goodwill.” I thought to myself, what??? Mom needs her medicine and I don’t have time to go shopping. Really?

Again, I heard Him say, “Go to Goodwill”. Not loud or bossy, just insistent. Persistent.

Ugh…yes, really. Okay. Reluctantly, I turned right off highway 42 and headed towards Goodwill. I didn’t even know what I was looking for. But, I knew I was on a supernatural mission. I tried to keep my eyes and ears open, but nothing seemed to make sense. This little diversion was already a waste of precious time.

I started in the boys section looking for pants for Sean who is growing like a weed these days. No luck. I went to the bins in the back and looked through the piles for about 5 minutes. No luck. I grew frustrated and the Spirit wasn’t offering up any more wisdom, so I was headed out the door. MY mission was going to the drugstore and getting medicine for my mom. And I was moving quickly to the front of the Goodwill to execute this known mission.


I looked to my left just before I exited the front door. And there it sat.

I could not believe my eyes. My body propelled itself towards the black and silver object. THIS was my mission. THIS was the reason I stopped at Goodwill.

A black and silver wheelchair.

It looked as if someone had purchased it and dropped it off at Goodwill without ever using it. What are the chances?

And, get this…I don’t carry a checkbook with me. I don’t normally carry cash. But today, I had $29 cash in my pocket. Guess what the nearly new wheelchair cost? $24.99. $26.68 with tax.

Mom got other medical equipment to make her transition to home easier, but not a wheelchair. However, I can not imagine being confined in a house for 6 weeks because we all know walkers are not fun at the mall or out to eat or at the park. I wanted her to have a wheelchair. However, I didn’t want her to have to pay for a new wheelchair. Wheelchairs are not cheap! I had done some research online and had looked at a few rather expensive models. And now, she has a nearly new wheelchair for $26.68.

Unbelievable. But, isn’t that what believing in a Father who loves us is all about? He wants to give us good gifts.

I don’t understand all that God does for me and those I love. I never will. But, I am so very grateful. So humbled by His hand and favor. He is my Father and I know He loves me with an insatiable love. He pursues me. He is never forceful or bossy, but is always looking out for my best.

And, He is doing the same for you. Right now. This very evening.

And when I got to the drugstore? All my worries about getting mom’s medicine on time disappeared. I had to wait another 45 minutes for my mom’s medicine. The time consuming, Spirit given mission had not prevented me from doing what I needed to do. It helped me see and understand so much more.

Listen closely friends. Don’t doubt your intuition. Trust with all your being in the God who made you and wants to be in deep relationship with you. Ask Him to help you hear Him. You never know where your God-given mission will take you. It may be the local Goodwill, where you will encounter the living God with His arms wide open…

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  1. Amen! Lizzie you have me in tears! How great is our good God!

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