Dreams Do Come True

I’ve been waiting a long time for this. 21 years to be more specific. I remember the day like it was yesterday. White jerseys. Blue shorts. A crowded gymnasium. Family and friends cheering us on. We had played together since 7th grade and we were seniors now. It was our big moment to shine. We had won 26 games so far and we were determined to win all of our games.

But, it didn’t happened the way we had planned. We lost our last and final volleyball game at Princeton High School. It was a hard, hard loss to swallow for a group of 8 seniors. For us and our coach, Paula Wooten.

Sort of like life, some losses are much harder to deal with than others. This one stung well beyond the fall of 1993. It has probably followed and haunted some of us for years. I know it has me:


Fast forward to 2014…yesterday, a group of tenacious young ladies changed all of that! The Princeton High School Lady Bulldawgs won the NCHSAA State 1A Volleyball Championship! I could not be happier for them! It was victory for them, Head Coach Paige Renfrow, Assistant Coach Paula Wooten, all the amazing players, and redemption for me as a player on the 1993 team that lost out in the state playoffs. WE ALL WON YESTERDAY!


Because, when you are from a town like Princeton, where everyone is like family, when one person wins, you win, too. Another way to say it would be like this:

Sometimes dreams don’t get realized by you personally, but you get to be a part of them when they do happen. 

I lost tears when the Lady Bulldawgs won yesterday at Reynolds. However, the tears were different 21 years later. They were tears of jubilation and celebration! Never stop believing. Never stop dreaming.

I am so proud of the 2014 NCHSAA 1A State Champions, the Princeton Bulldawgs! Congratulations players and coaches. You made this dream a reality! And, I’m proud of the small but passionate town of Princeton.

Dreams do come true:

volleyball2 volleyball4



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  1. Jamie Willoughby says:

    Very well said! Even tho I have been removed from Princeton for many years; my heart still bleeds blue and gold. I appreciate the close, quaint town that still remains that way today. Congrats on yet another State Championship not only for Princeton High School but also for the community and all the supporters! #onceabulldog;alwaysabulldog

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